5K run focuses on domestic violence The Park Church raises awareness May 21

May 2016

The Charlotte Post
By Ashley Mahoney
May 18, 2016 5:18 pm

Domestic violence compromises mental, spiritual and physical potential.

Through a 5K run/walk on May 21 at 7 a.m. at The Park Expo & Conference Center (800 Briar Creek Road), The Park Church, Safe Alliance and the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage intend to raise awareness about domestic violence.

"The 5K is about reaching out beyond our church walls and seeing what some of the needs are in the city, and helping to meet those needs," said Roy Henderson, family life and wellness director at The Park Church. "One of the ways that Pastor [Bishop Claude] Alexander felt like a need needed to be met with family needs in relationship to domestic violence."

The race provides resources, such as education and counseling, to educate and protect individuals from harmful or potentially harmful situations.

"We do a domestic violence panel (6:30 p.m. on May 18 at The Park Expo)," Henderson said. "It's not just about a race. It's not just about raising money. It's also about resources, volunteerism, as well as being informed. I learned a lot about domestic violence that I didn't know before because of these resources."

In order to navigate away from a stifling situation, individuals need the knowledge to make the wisest choice possible.  

"This panel helps people who are in domestic violence situations, or who know someone who is that situation, get the information they need to make an educated decision to try and get out of that situation," Henderson said.  

While the race raises awareness, it also encourages people to take responsibility for their own well being.   

"As we get older, we tend to be less active," Henderson said. "One gentleman who had gone to the doctor and had hypertension and blood pressure issues and was on several medications, and did the couch to 5K, as a result he was on his 20th race in a year. It's multifaceted, and it's getting bigger and bigger every year and more diverse. It really encourages not only the congregation, but also the city of Charlotte."

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