Safe haven: One stop Mecklenburg location for abuse victims April 2021

Umbrella Center to open in Charlotte
Safe Alliance, Pat's Place and Jamie Kimble Foundation, in partnership with several organizations in Charlotte, are preparing to construct a Family Justice Center that will serve Mecklenburg County. Read more [..] read more

Nonprofit alliance seeks $15 million from private sector for family justice center April 2021

Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage in the Charlotte Business Journal

Charlotte is one of the few major cities that doesn't have a family justice center. That could change by 2023. Nonprofit alliance seeks $15 million from private sector for Family Justice [..] read more

Special presentation to Charlotte City Council February 2021

Our JKFFC Executive Director, Sherill Carrington, and the Safe Communities Committee made a special presentation Feb. 2, 2021 to Charlotte City Council. This was an important next step for the Family Justice Center. Those who may have missed the meeting, can watch it on the City's Facebook page. [..] read more