If your community or organization wants to say eNOugh to intimate partner violence, we have some materials to share with you.

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Why the campaign, why now

The eNOugh Campaign to End Intimate Partner Violence in North Carolina offers what we believe is a new modelone that maintains the importance of victim services and protection and builds new support for sustained prevention programs that will eventually reduce the numbers of women and families needing protection in expensive shelters.

After a one-year pilot in 2013, the eNOugh Campaign created the eNOugh Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Playbook as a roadmap for any organization or agency that wants to try some of the things we've seen in the eNOugh pilot. If you want to help create an eNOugh Campaign to End Intimate Partner Violence in your community, we hope these free organizational and marketing materials will help you achieve early success!
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Thank you for your organization's interest in using eNOugh Campaign materials to raise awareness of intimate partner violence prevention in your community.

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