Teens for Courage

2021 Teens for Courage Summit- Dating in a Digital World
will be held virtually February 13, 2021

 Our second annual Teens for Courage Summit will be held on February 13, 2021 at 10:00amFor the first time, this event will be presented virtually.  Students will be able to access the event from their digital devices in the comfort of their home or better yet, organize your own watch party with friends.  The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage and our Community Partners will focus on how to navigate dating in a digital world. Check out videos created by high school dreamers and leaders for change, get engaged in interactive polls and games, and learn what it means to have a healthy relationship in our ever-changing world.  

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Featuring Talk Show Host and Media Maven, Ohavia Phillips 

Bio: Hailing from Charlotte, NC, by way of Brooklyn, NY, Ohavia ("Oh") Phillips, is one of a kind! Her charisma, infectious personality, & warmth make her a favorite in any circle. Ohavia is a successful media personality, content creator, speaker and emcee around the city of Charlotte and a thriving talk show host of her OWN show, The Oh Show. Ohavia has been named Influencer of Charlotte, Media Maven of Charlotte as well as highlighted on many multimedia platforms from social media, to television and print! When her hand is not on the microphone, it's on her books! Ohavia is currently pursuing her doctorate in business administration with a focus in organizational management and crisis communication. Ohavia says she loves people and connecting with #OHMAZING and impactful individuals to impact communities. Her slogan is: I'm ready to serve. And she does just that!

Teens for Courage 2020 Video Contest!

This year we're hosting a video contest asking teams to create and submit a video on one of three important topics:
  • Cyberbullying
  • Consent
  • Recognizing Healthy Relationships
High school students will have the opportunity to create original, informative and inspiring video content on either topic. The student(s) with the winning video will receive $500 from the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage.  Find out more

COURAGE CLUBS spreading the message 

The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage  pledges to continue to help youth and young adults to understand how to build relationships and recognize warning signs of abuse in their own emerging relationships, and those of their friends and family. As we continue to build awareness and outreach in the Charlotte community and beyond, we will be focusing on expanding our Domestic Violence Courage Clubs to universities, high schools and within faith communities.  We hope to build awareness about healthy versus unhealthy relationships, respect, boundaries and more.  We are grateful to our existing DV Courage Clubs currently at Charlotte Catholic, Country Day, Lake Norman Charter, Myers Park High, Providence Day, and W. A. Hough High Schools.  

We thank them for their dedication to our mission and in supporting their fellow classmates. To learn more about our Courage Clubs and how to start one in your middle/high, university or community; download our Toolkit for the implementation of a school -based Domestic Violence awareness Courage Club below and or contact us at info@jkffc.org

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Toolkit for the Implementation of High School-Based Domestic Violence Clubs

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Did you know that approximately 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner? Research studies reveal that 3 in 4 parents never discuss the warning signs of intimate partner violence with their children.  Here are some other alarming statistics:


There is a significant need to raise awareness about healthy dating behaviors to prevent teen dating violence and abuse.

  • Would you know what to do or how to react if someone you cared about was in an unhealthy relationship? 
  • What is a healthy relationship? 
  • What is an unhealthy relationship?
  • What are the warning signs
These are the topics and discussions we are working to have and develop through school-based Domestic Violence Clubs.  Interested in starting a club in your middle/high school, university or faith community? Download our Toolkit for the implementation of High School-based Domestic Violence Clubs below and/or contact us at info@jkffc.org