What We Do

We work with Foundation grantees and community partners to bring the most effective and innovative intimate partner violence prevention programs to the public.


Our initiatives are multifaceted
and include the following:

  • Provide curriculum for healthy relationships training
  • Support and promote high school intimate partner violence awareness clubs
  • Use sports, sports teams, and coaches to stop intimate partner violence

  • Fund seminars, conferences, and symposiums that address intimate partner violence
  • Sponsor grants to existing provider organizations that provide education surrounding intimate partner violence
  • Establish partnerships with houses of faith and employers to educate them on the issues

  • Promote the eNOugh awareness campaign to stop intimate partner violence
  • Host the annual Women for Courage Luncheon fundraiser/friend raiser
  • Engage with media, publications, and academics to highlight the magnitude of intimate partner violence

  • Fund primary and secondary prevention research grants to universities
  • Support university partnerships using social media
  • Study latest trends and learn about best practices regarding violence against women