What We Do

We work with Foundation grantees and community partners to bring the most effective and innovative intimate partner violence prevention programs to the public.


Our initiatives are multifaceted
and include the following:

  • Primary Prevention, stopping IPV before it begins.
  • Focusing on education and understanding for young people, early.
  • Partner with organizations who focus on the important work of Secondary Intervention.

  • Support School Curriculums
  • Communicate broadly the impacts of IPV
  • Develop University partnerships to educate college age young people more deeply on the problem of IPV

  • Communicate with community leadership to increase awareness
  • Foster Employers Programs aimed at awareness
  • Leverage a speaker's bureau, and build on the Women of Courage event
  • Evaluate, and expand Courage Clubs. 

  • Fund innovative research and best practices that stop IPV/DV
  • Support the initiation of the Family Justice Center
  • Identify the latest trends regarding IPV
  • Look for ways to evaluate and support supportive laws and legislation
  • Leverage the research and work done by colleges and universities on this issue
  • Capitalize on the potential impact and support intern programs will have