2021 Women for Courage Ambassador Information

Women for Courage is the flagship educational and fundraising event of the JKFFC to stop intimate partner violence before it begins. The success of Women for Courage is largely due to the unwavering support of our volunteer Ambassadors (formerly Table Hosts) who serve to educate and encourage others to support our mission. Click here to read more about Women for Courage.


  • The Ambassador Guests List allows you to view the guests registered under your name.
  • These guests will be included in your "Breakout Room" during the event.

Duties and Benefits
This year, the JKFFC is live-streaming Women for Courage online October 14, 2021. This format provides a unique opportunity to invite and educate the world to learn about our mission to prevent domestic violence before it starts, particularly with our youth and young adults. There is no cost to attend this year's virtual event and all are welcome.

Women for Courage Ambassadors are encouraged to spread the word, invite others to join the event, and help register guests. While these volunteers traditionally "host" their guests at our annual luncheon, Ambassadors are 100% remote and not required to do any in-person networking. You can coordinate your entire group online via email, text, and social media if you desire. 
Ambassadors will have the opportunity to interact directly with their invited guests during the event via Zoom breakout sessions. 

Additional Benefits Include

  • COMPLIMENTARY registration for yourself and your invitees
  • Invitations, instructions, and educational collateral to help you spread the word
  • Communication tips and support to provide you and your guests an optimal experience
  • Training to use our virtual event technology
  • Opportunities to meet and mingle directly with other Ambassadors and sponsors in a virtual format
  • Recognition of your name on JKFFC digital platforms, including but not limited to the Foundation's website and social media pages
IAmbassador FAQ

Why do I need to register for the event if I am already an Ambassador?
Women for Courage is a private educational and fundraising event. We ask all Ambassadors and invitees to register as a GUEST to this event at www.jkffc.org/events so they can all receive their username and password to attend. 

What if someone registered under the wrong Ambassador name?
Email (tara@jkffc.org) to troubleshoot any issues you may have with registration.

Do I need to have Zoom to attend the event?
Yes. This year's event is hosted on the Zoom platform, which is available for download on your computer, tablet or phone. Anyone who cannot access this software will not be able to attend the livestream event. A pre-recorded version will be available for free on Youtube the following week.

What if my guest cannot attend but still wants to donate?
Guests can still donate directly on our website with the following process
  • Visit our donation page and complete the required fields
  • For the question "This gift is designated towards...", select  "Women for Courage Event" 
  • (optional) To give an Ambassador credit for the donation, type their name in the "Company" field at the very bottom of the form
How do I keep track of my registered guests?
Ambassadors can check their Guests Lists, click here