Women for Courage Table Hosts

Women for Courage is the flagship educational and fundraising event of the JKFFC to stop intimate partner violence before it begins. The success of Women for Courage is largely due to the unwavering support of our Table Hosts who serve as ambassadors for the Foundation, educating and encouraging others to experience the Women for Courage Luncheon and support our mission. 


Table Hosting at Women for Courage

The 2022 Women for Courage Luncheon is a ticketed fundraising event, with proceeds going toward the initiatives of the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage. Table Hosts invite guests to their respective tables and provide information about the event and the causes it supports. Hosts are strongly encouraged, but not required to attend the event with their guests. 

Options to Become a Table Host

Table Hosts may purchase a table of 8 ($400) and receive complimentary tickets to distribute to their guests. Alternately, Hosts may purchase one or more individual seats ($50/each) and invite others to buy tickets to fill their table. You must have at least four purchased tickets at your table to be listed as a Table Host in the Women for Courage program.

You may donate any purchased, unused tickets back to the JKFFC who will distribute them to guests who can benefit from the message of Women for Courage but do not have the means to attend.

How to Register

  • Register with the "2022 Event Registration" button.
  • Select your Table Host option (one full table or an individual ticket)
  • Receive an email confirmation with a link to manage your table online
  • A member of the JKFFC team will connect with you via email within 48 hours of registration to provide additional information.
Individual tickets are also available to those who don't plan to host a table or be a guest of a specific Table Host. Click the "2022 Event Registration" button to view options.