The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage is a nonprofit dedicated to stopping intimate partner violence and abuse before it begins.

We spearhead and support proactive research, awareness, and educational initiatives that help prevent intimate partner violence.
  • Building and supporting Courage Clubs at local high schools to engage and teach teens about healthy relationships and the warning signs of dating abuse.
  • Hosting educational events and promoting awareness campaigns on domestic abuse and prevention.
  • Funding initiatives to provide credible research for the exploration of innovative methods that stop intimate partner violence.
  • Awareness campaigns that educate individuals about the early warning signs of domestic violence and how to foster healthy, safe relationships.

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How you Can Support Domestic Abuse Prevention


Financial Support

Help us bring the most effective domestic abuse and intimate partner violence prevention programs to our community by directly supporting research, education, and awareness initiatives.


Join our community of generous, committed advocates who offer both their time and talents to make our domestic abuse and intimate partner violence education and prevention initiatives possible.

Increase Awareness

Help us reach more people by spreading the word in your community. By proactively educating others about the warning signs of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence, countless lives can be saved.

Anyone can be hurt by intimate partner abuse, no matter your age, gender, orientation, education, or socio-economic status.

Hear the stories of courage from men and women who've experienced intimate partner abuse and learn the warning signs that may indicate a problem in your life or the life of someone you love.

Let's learn from those who came before, making the most courageous decisions of their lives, and build a community that protects others from being harmed in the future.

Intimate partner abuse can happen to anyone. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do for a living.

Through our work, we seek to keep abusive situations from happening and to foster healthy relationships. JKFFC partners with organizations throughout the Carolinas and beyond that support survivors of intimate partner abuse with shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, and more. Our team connects survivors and their families with the local service agencies that can provide the help they need.

Anyone can be affected by intimate partner violence. Stop intimate partner abuse and violence before it begins. Be part of the solution. Join the Jamie Kimble Foundation building a future full of healthy relationships.

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