Jan Kimble: 'We always told Jamie we loved her and were concerned' December 2017

December 20, 2017By Jane SpotlightThis article was written for our sponsor, eNOughNCStarting with puberty, parents walk a fine line between over-involvement and hands-off. And at no time is that line more confusing than when a teenaged or young adult child is in love with an abuserCome down too hard about the person controlling or hurting your child physically or emotionally, and a child may resist and defend their beloved. Ignore the signs of a troubled relationship, and risk injury or death for your childWhat's a parent to doIn the United States, one in three women will be a victim of intimate partner violence at some point in her life. And an average of three women are killed by a current or former intimate partner every dayMen, too, are victims, along with members of the LGBTQ community

Ron and Jan Kimble of Charlotte know these statistics well. Their only child, daughter, Jamie, was killed on Labor Day in 2012Jamie was shot down on a [..] read more

UNC Charlotte raises awareness on intimate partner violence October 2017

University community offers activities and resources during October's Domestic Violence Awareness Month

UNC Charlotte's main entrance glows purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Photo courtesy of Inside UNC Charlotte.
In recognition of the thirtieth year of Domestic Violence Awareness Month this October, the UNC Charlotte community is offering a number of opportunities for the campus to get involved and informed. University organizations and departments including the Title IX office and The University Center for Wellness Promotion are offering workshops, demonstrations and campaigns that promote important information and resources for students, faculty and staff regarding intimate partner violence.UNC Charlotte's "It's Time to Say eNOugh" social media campaign launched in 2017 with a grant funded by the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage which aims to spread awareness about the continuing issue of intimate partner [..] read more

Man up and Stand Up Against Domestic Violence October 2017

On Saturday The Park Church and Myers Park United Methodist Church partnered together to bring awareness to domestic violence and the seriousness it causes in the community. Also in partnership with the Jamie Kimble Foundation, Ron and Jan Kimble shared their personal story of losing their daughter Jamie to domestic violence.FlyTy and Jacinda, alongside Christine Sperow of WBTV hosted the fashion show. This dynamic show featured an all men model cast followed by a surprise daddy-daughter finale.Read the original story here: [..] read more